The Tulse Luper Journey

Putting Together The Pieces Of A Legendary Puzzle

The Tulse Luper Journey is an online interactive exploration of European 20th century history. Based on director Peter Greenaway’s filmtrilogy ‘The Tulse Luper Suitcases’, the purpose of the game is to reconstruct the film’s main character’s – Tulse Luper – life.

The writer and collector Tulse Luper, spent most of his life under lock and key. Luper was supposedly born in 1922 in Newport, Wales and presumed dead in 1978. His life is continually shrouded in mystery and doubt, but it seems that Luper has been present at some of the key historical events of the 20th century. During the game numerous hints are given; there are film fragments, puzzles and letters written by different characters that play a part in the story, giving the audience chunks and pieces of Tulse Luper’s walk of life. The extensive nature of the story is ideal for a complex game structure, which will be centered around the 92 suitcases that Luper left behind – 92 puzzles which must be solved by the player to reveal the ‘mystery’ surrounding him. After registration for the game you will start as a research trainee in one of the three institutes. After completing a few suitcase games your rank will increase and you will be able to travel to one of the other research facilities where you can widen your search for the life and journey of Tulse Luper.


Interaction Design: Christiaan de Rooij
Producer: Submarine Channel
Language versions: Multiple language versions available
Release: 2004
Length: 3 years
Genre: Interactive Online Game


Animago Award in the category Professional/Interactive/Games 2006 in Munchen.

The Europrix Top Talent Award (Europe’s contest for students and young professionals who work on innovative projects in the field of e-contents and design) in the category Games, 2006.


Animago Award in the category Professional/Interactive/Games 2006

Europrix Top Talent Award in the category ‘Games’ (Vienna, Austria 2006)


The Tulse Luper Journey was made in close cooperation with filmmaker Peter Greenaway and was produced by Submarine (NL) in co-production with Kasander Film Company (NL), Solotusk & Opixido (FR), Kasander Production Ltd. (UK), Moccu (GER) and University of Art and Design Helsinki (FIN). Next to this, there was cooperation with students from schools in different countries, including Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (NL).

This game was made possible with support of Culture 2000, the Mondriaan Foundation, the VSB Fund, Centre National de la Cinematographie and the Amsterdam Foundation for Visual Arts.