The Land of the Enlightened

How children master their lives in war-torn Afghanistan by engaging in ingenious commerce

A gang of Afghan kids from the Kuchi tribe dig out old Soviet mines and sell the explosives to children working in a lapis lazuli mine. When not dreaming of the time when American troops finally withdraw from their land, another gang of children keeps tight control on the caravans smuggling the blue gemstones through the arid mountains of Pamir.

In this seamless blend of fictional and documentary form, we experience a stunning cinematic journey into the beauty of war-tormented Afghanistan. Shot over seven years on evocative 16mm footage, first-time director Pieter-Jan De Pue paints a whimsical yet haunting look at the condition of Afghanistan left for the next generation. As American soldiers prepare to leave, we follow De Pue deep into this hidden land where young boys form wild gangs to control trade routes, sell explosives from mines left over from war, and climb rusting tanks as playgrounds—making the new rules of war based on the harsh landscape left to them.

De Pue’s transportative and wonderfully crafted film confronts the visceral beauty and roughness of survival, serving as a testament to the spirited innovation of childhood and the extreme resilience of a people and country.



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Jean-Christophe Simon, Sales Executive



Bec Smith


Producer: Bart Van Langendonck – Savage Film (B)
Co-producers: Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix – Submarine (NL), Morgan Bushe – Fastnet Films (IR), Christian Beetz – Gebrueder Beetz Produktion (G)
Release: January 2016


Savage Film


Films Boutique

Jean-Christophe Simon, Sales Executive



Bec Smith


Directed by: Pieter-Jan De Pue

Produced by: Bart Van Langendonck

Co-producers: Christian Beetz, Morgan Bushe, Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix

Director of Photography: Pieter-Jan De Pue

Script: Pieter-Jan De Pue & David Dusa

Editors: David Dusa & Stijn Deconinck

Composer: Denis Clohessy

Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Design: Robert Flanagan

Voice Over: Sohrab Nazari

Voice Over Text: Herwig Deweerdt, Pieter-Jan De Pue

 Savage Film:

Producer: Bart Van Langendonck

Line Producers: Tatjana Kozar, Xavier Rombaut

Fastnet Films

Producer: Morgan Bushe


Producers: Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix

Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion

Producer: Christian Beetz

Creative Producer: Kerstin Meyer-Beetz


Producer: Peter Bouckaert

In coproduction with

ZDF: Martin Pieper

Canvas: Reinhilde Weyns, Ingrid Lanckmans, Marc Coenen

IKON: Margje de Koning

In association with

Arte, Telenet/prime, Sciapode


Jenny O’Brien & Tatjana Kozar


Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Pink Floyd
Written by Roger Waters
Published by Westminster Music Ltd./Essex Music
Performed by Pink Floyd
(P) 1968 Pink Floyd Music Ltd under exclusive license to
Parlophone Records Ltd @Warner Music Group Company

Concerto in D for 3 violins

1064: III. Allegro (Johann Sebastian Bach)
(reconstructed from Concerto for 3 harpsichords in C) BWV
Performed by Elizabeth Wallfisch/Pavlo Beznosiuk
/Catherine Mackintosh/Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Courtesy of  Erato/Warner Classics (p) 1993,
Warner Music UK Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company

Over the Mountains the Helicopters Circle

Yuri Kirsanov

From the album “Time has Chosen Us” 1987
Фонограмма «Над горами кружат вертолеты»,
по лицензии ФГУП «Фирма Мелодия» ℗, 2015 г.
Phonogram «Nad Gorami Kruzhat Vertolioty»,
under license of FSUE «Firma Melodiya» ℗, 2015.
Ay Saraban (performed by Marina Golbahari)
Hanoz Bar Lab Man
Bewafa Yaram
Emshab Az Bada Kharabam Kon
Shab Hai Zolmani

Ahmad Zahir – Producer RJ Studio

Orgasm – No Time – The End (Da Boy Tommy Remix)

Performed by White Knight (1998)

Used under license from Phase One Network, Inc.

The Sea

Walter Hus
Courtesy of Walter Hus (2015)

Savage Film / Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion / Submarine / Fastnet / Canvas / IKON / ZDF © 2015