The Killer

Interactive Graphic Novel

Online interactive graphic novel in twelve episodes, an adaptation of the famous French graphic novel of the same name by Matz and Jacomon. In The Killer, you enter the mind of a ruthless contract killer. This innovative interactive animation has been a hit on since day one.


Written and Illustrated by: Jacamon & Matz
Animation: Fons Schiedon
Running time: 12 x 7 min
Release: 2001
Language versions: Dutch, English


Writers & Illustrators: Jacamon & Matz
Animator: Fons Schiedon
Producer: Submarine Channel
Assistant Animator: Dan Lentelink
English translation: Vanessa Flynn
Music and Sound: REC sounddesign

Based on the Graphic Novel: ‘The Killer – Long Fue’ by Jacamon and Matz
Published by Casterman Editions