The Alzheimer Experience

The Alzheimer Experience is a web experience that immerses viewers in the devastating inner world of the degenerative condition Alzheimer’s. An intuitive, character-led interactive navigation guides viewers through the confusion and shame of this ubiquitous disease as experienced from multiple perspectives – one sufferer, and the people closest to her. Impeccable acting and dramatic direction guide the story, while professional expertise can be accessed at any time during the experience, without interrupting the narrative flow. Directed by Paula van der Oest (Black Butterflies).


The Alzheimer Experience is an interactive web experience that immerses viewers in the devastating inner world of the degenerative condition Alzheimer’s. A character-let interactive navigation guides viewers through the confusion and shame of this ubiquitous disease. A series of the 22 scenes, directed by Paula van der Oest (Oscar nominee) can be viewed from the perspective of the patient, family members and caregivers. By watching the scene’s trough the eyes of the different characters the viewer will experience the gap between the real world and the patients perception of reality. In addition the experience contains professional expertise to be consulted by using the menu below. Alzheimer Experience was launched in The Netherlands in May 2011.


The goal of Alzheimer Experience is to improve the quality of life of both patients with Alzheimers and caregivers. As scientific research shows that the core problem in care for Alzheimer’s patients is the caregiver’s lack of awareness regarding the gap between the ‘real’ world and the patient’s perception of reality. This causes misunderstanding, frustration and difficulties to communicate with patients and to establish necessary relationships with them.

Alzheimer Experience: helps professional and informal caregivers to intensely experience what it is like to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it is based on verifiable experiences of patients in all phases of the disease (from mild to moderate and severe). The experience fits in education programs, e.g. to empower general practitioners and to improve early diagnostics.

In the development stage of Alzheimer Experience Anne-Mei The, professor in Palliative Care and Dementia and author of the bestseller ‘In Death’s Waiting Room’ has been consulted for her vision and content ideas, as well as entrepreneur Marco Ouwehand. All scenes contain evidence based experiences of Alzheimer patients, verified and validated by the following partners: Dutch Alzheimer Association, Alzheimer Disease International, Trimbos Institute (Netherlands Institute for Mental health and Addiction), Alzheimer Centrum VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (Philip Scheltens, member of Alzheimer Experience advisory board) and University of Utrecht, Faculty of Cultural and Media Sciences.

Alzheimer Experience is produced by Submarine and supported by the Dutch Alzheimer Association, Vrienden Loterij, Stichting DOEN and Trimbos Institute.


Produced by: Submarine
Director: Paula van der Oest
Producers: Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting

Concept creator & Creative director: Bruno Felix
Director of Photography: Theo Bierkens
Script: Paula van der Oest, Inge Hardeman, Pauline van Mantgem
Cast: Rick Nicolet, Tijn Docter, Jaap Maarleveld, Diana Dobbelman, Lola Tee & Silver Tee, Maud Dolsma, Jung Sun den Hollander, Manouschka Zeegelaar Breeveld, Barbara Pauwels, Esgo Heil, Conny Wilhelmus
Interface: Karel Brascamp, Christiaan de Rooij
Line producer: Ellen Hoffmann
Production coordinator: Joey Grolleman
First assistant director: Marc van der Bijl
2nd Camera operator: Luc Brefeld
Data manager: Ram van Meel
Gaffer: Erno Das, Robert Groendijk
Sound engineer: Leo Franssen
Script continuity: Gijs van der Lelij
Art Department: Jelier&Schaaf
Production Art Department: Robert de Bruin
Art director: Donja de Graaf
Prop buyer: Bianca Grondman
Setdresser: Sanne Verhoef
Wardrobe Design: Sylvia Huijerman
Wardrobe on set: Marjolein van der Jagt
Assistant wardrobe: Saar van Gerwen
Make-up: Trudy Buren
Assistant Make-up: Renée van Balen
Location manager: Sander van Velzen
Production assistant: Grace Schouteren
Casting Leads: Kemna Casting
Extra’s casting: Riedel Casting
Camera equipment: Cam-a-lot
Lighting equipment: Lux & Co
Catering: Pitcatering, Food Department
Postproduction Editor: Liesbeth Wieggers
Assistant editor: Niels Koopman
Lead Animator: Sverre Fredriksen
Animators: Ferda Surensoy, Nele van Haegenberg, Alice Sterre
Sound designer: Erik Griekspoor
Online & Grading: Christiaan de Rooij