Stand By or Stand Up?

Stand By or Stand Up?

‘Stand By or Stand Up’ is an interactive comic that plays in your browser by scrolling. School is and remains a very important place where young people meet and spend a large part of their lives. But they also spend a lot of time online. This short animated story was created to help children understand their own behavior when someone is being bullied, online and offline. Navigating through this story will present you with the consequences of your choices. Will you stand by or stand up?

Website: Stand By or Stand Up?


Developed by: Submarine BV
Illustrated by: Michiel Wijdeveld
Developer: Gijs Kattenberg
Line Producer: Nicolette Nol
Creative Producer: Remco Vlaanderen
Client: NetSmartz Workshop
In partnership with: Sprint.
Release: 2013

Website: Stand By or Stand Up?