The Rise And Rise Of The Running Shoe

A 50 minute documentary about the history and social significance of sneakers. The film asks the question how sneakers have evolved from “poor man’s shoes” to an icon of modern lifestyle and subculture identity. The film by Femke Wolting is a freeze frame focusing on this phenomenon and emphasizes the fashion and design aspects of sneakers. The program shows the design process and the ways that brands profile themselves on the market. It also focuses on the extraordinary shoe designers as well as on the people who buy them and wear them. The program uses a patchwork like format, where commercials, photos, scientific films produced by manufacturers and other film/video material come together and show how the image is build around certain brands and models. A second feature is a series of short portraits, almost like bumpers in the program, where people tell about their opinion on what they feel is their all time favorite sneaker.



Director: Femke Wolting
Scenario: Femke Wolting, Stefanie de Brouwer
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: VPRO
Release: Finished in 2004
Length: 40 minutes
Sales agent: NPO sales,


The CBC Newsworld Award for Best Documentary, 2005 (Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival)


Director: Femke Wolting
Photography: Jackó van ’t Hof, Alexander Oey, Boris Everts, Maarten Kramer
Sound: Wouter Veldhuis, Rik Meier
Editor: Chris van Oers
Scenario: Femke Wolting and Stefanie de Brouwer
Visual research: Bibi Fadlalla, Barbara Kist, André Jaeger
Art direction: Alexei Tylevich
Motion graphics: Sander Alt, Fons Schiedon
Assistant motion graphics: Michiel van Haren, Matt Baay
Audio post-production: Recsound
Color correction: Eddi Bal
Subtitling: Hoek & Sonépouse
Translator Japan: Junko Niwa
Editor website: Femke Dekker
Line producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof
Producer: Bruno Felix, Submarine
Commissioning editor: Saskia van Schaik, VPRO

This film is a co-production of Submarine and the VPRO
This production was made possible with financial support by the Dutch Cultural Broadcast Fund

© 2004 Submarine/VPRO