The main character spends his days to constantly and easily be disturbed by people around him. He comments on everything that bothers him and doesn’t hold back in his attempts to stop the nuisances. Soon the expectation arises that the situation will go from bad to worse. After another interference he ends up in the hospital suffering a seemingly fatal cardiac arrest, but yet again he doesn’t put up with it.


Original title: Overlast Director: Han Hoogerbrugge Scenario:  Han Hoogerbrugge Producer: Submarine Release: 2011 Length: 3 minutes


Overlast/Nuisance by: Han Hoogerbrugge
Producer(s) Submarine: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
Music design: Han Hoogerbrugge
Composition and editing: Han Hoogerbrugge
Sound mix Cinemeta: Sander Hout
Voice over: Lukas Dijkema DCP Loods, Lux & Lumen This production was made possible with the support of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund and Pathé