Interactive Museum Installation

The National History Museum Naturalis asked Submarine to develop a concept for the games center – a multi-functional presentation room in the museum. Hardware is installed in the games room whereby various types of interactive presentations can be made. The system is highly flexible. A variety of different formats is possible because the hardware remains the same, but the game and content can be continually modified.

The project’s focus is on the combination of venue, technology and content. Visitors can react individually (or in groups) – with the help of ‘voting cabinets’ – on the images and sounds being displayed, and then receive individual feedback.

The project for Naturalis comprises the development of standard software for the system, to facilitate easy content modification for the museum’s pedagogical staff. For the interface of the educational games center, Submarine is using the metaphor of the ‘game-show on television’, with Maxim Hartman as the virtual Quizmaster.


Producer: Submarine
Release: 2009
Client: Naturalis Museum
Genre: Installation