Animated Documentary About The Trials Of Being A Teenager

Bloot (Naked) is a contemporary and wayward documentary/animation series in which children between the age of 10 and 13 tell us their funny and personal stories about the changes their bodies are going through.

What does it mean to grow breasts and pubic hair? How does it influence the way you see yourself? And how do you deal with all these awkward changes? The animated series Naked takes shape in an innovative and exciting form; the stories were first shot on digital video and then animated using the rotoscope animation technique, which means the video images were traced and colored on the computer. In a playful manner, the animated images comment on and compliment the stories; the memories, details and fantasies of the kids are captured in animated form. The result is a series of funny and moving portraits of pre-adolescents struggling with their changing bodies.
This animated series was made posible with support of the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund.

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Original title: Bloot
Director: Mischa Kamp
Scenario: Fiona van Heemstra
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: VPRO
Release: 2006
Length: 6 x 6 min


Best Educational, Scientific or Industrial Film (Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France, 2007)

Cinekid Kinderkast Award & Jury Prize Non-Fiction (Cinekid, The Netherlands, 2007)

Best TV Serie (AniFest, Czech Republic, 2007)

Jury Special Prize in the TV & Commissioned Film Category ( SICAF, South Korea, 2007)


Director: Mischa Kamp
Scenario: Fiona van Heemstra
Cinematography: Pim Hawinkels, Wiro Felix, Hans Bouma, Jelle Odé Sound Sander den Broeder, Hens van Rooy, Bram Meindersma
Editing: Sander den Broeder
Animation: Zoltan Korai, Jurjen Bosklopper, Sverre Fredriksen, Mustafa Kandaz, Maurice van der Bij, assitent: Johan Termeulen
Line Producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof
Producer: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting (Submarine)
Commissioning editor VPRO: Anna van der Staak

With financial support of the Dutch Cultural Broadcast Fund