Miss Sing Song

Miss Sing Song

Logline: Musical film about the adventurous journey of Gifty (15) who travels to Surinam to find her mother and her roots. But once she gets there, she has to deal with one surprise after the other.

Musical film from award winning director Mischa Kamp about 15 year old Gifty who travels to Surinam to find her mother and her roots. The well balanced life of Gifty and her father Winston in Holland is roughly disturbed when Jeanette comes in, the new girlfriend of her father. This new ‘mother’ sets off a burning desire in Gifty to find out who her real mother is. With tickets she wins with a singing contest, Gifty sets off to Surinam, together with her best friend Stijn.  But how to combine the search for her mother in an unknown land with an unfamiliar culture with the lighthearted participation of the singing contest?  And how does she keep up doing this all by herself?

In her attempt to find her mother, she has to set foot into the Surinam jungle, where she runs into unexpected discoveries. More than she could have hoped for.


Director: Mischa Kamp
Writers: Fiona van Heemstra, Guus Pengel
Producers: Submarine Film.
Distribution: In The Air



Broadcaster: VPRO
Release: summer 2017
Genre: musical feature
Duration: 90’
Target group: 9 -12