Ouwehoeren / Meet The Fokkens

Sisters Doing It For Themselves In Amsterdam's Red Light District

“In the old days, the local copper would tap on the window if a girl was showing too much ankle, now the girls deal coke from their cubicles.” Louise and Martine Fokkens are identical twins. For over 40 years they were working as prostitutes. They freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes. They are familiar faces in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, but soon they will bid their farewells. ‘Meet the Fokkens’ is a portrait of these remarkable women, as well as a history of the Red Light District over the past fifty years.



Original title: Ouwehoeren
English title: Meet The Fokkens
Directed and written by:
Rob Schröder & Gabriëlle Provaas
Scenario: Rob Schröder & Gabriëlle Provaas
Producer: Submarine
Running time: 76 min / 55 min
Release: 2011


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World Pulse RTP Award (IndieLisboa, Portugal, 2012)


With special thanks to: Martine and Louise Fokkens
Written and directed by: Rob Schröder and Gabrielle Provaas
Producers: Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix
Camera: Wiro Felix, Rob Schröder, Joost van Herwijnen
Sound: Carla van der Meijs, Frenk van der Sterre, Benny Jansen
Film editor: Sander Vos NCE
Music: Danny Malando
Sound mix: Hugo Dijkstal
Postproduction facilities: Filmmore
Postproduction coordinator:
Anne Buiter
Production manager: Lieke van den Ouwelant
Line Producers: Fabie Hulsebos, Janneke van de Kerkhof
Commissioning editor Netherlands Film Fund: Niek Koppen
Commissioning editor VPRO: Barbara Truyen
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf

This film was funded by Teledoc, a cooperation of CoBO Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund and NPO
A Submarine production, in co-production with VPRO television

© 2011 Submarine


Ouwehoeren/Meet The Fokkens