Kika & Bob and the flight of the pigeon (series II)

Kika & Bob and the flight of the pigeon (series II)

In ‘Kika & Bob and the flight of the pigeon’ Kika & Bob travel the world in search of Tilly, Miss Haakmans prizewinning show-pigeon. It is animated comedy at its very best – fast-paced, colourful, with very original, distinctive designs, great scripts and a top voice-cast.

Kika’s cat Tiger has scared the living daylights out of Tilly, Miss Haakmans’ world-famous prizewinning show-pigeon.The pigeon flew away in a panic and has disappeared without a trace. Miss Haakmans is furious and ‘cat-naps’ Tiger. Kika will only get Tiger back if she finds Tilly and brings her back home safely. Kika and Bob go on their mission around the world, assisted by locals, in countries where Tilly has been seen. Every time they get close to catching Tilly, she flies away and escapes again. Meanwhile in Waterloo, Miss Haakmans tries to re-educate Tiger and teach him some manners. In turn, Tiger tries to make her life as miserable as possible. Will Kika and Bob catch Tilly and return to Waterloo to save Tiger from Miss Haakmans?


Direrector: Paul de Blick & Yannick Zanchetta
Producers: Submarine in co-production with Superprod (France) and Walking the Dog (Belgium)
Involved Broadcasters: NTR, RTBF, Ketnet, Canal+, TéléTOON, DR
Length: 26 x 11 minutes
Release: January 2014



Producers: Clément Calvet – Jérémie Fajner, Bruno Felix – Femke Wolting, Eric Goossens – Anton Roebben
Concept Developed By: Vincent Bal, Colette Bothof, Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Concept Design: Fons schiedon
Music By: Hans Helewaut and Hans Mullens
Script Editors: Fabie Hulsebos, Frédérique Monfort
Animatic Editor: Rémy Sant
Art Director: Stéphane Gallard
Voice Talents: Kika – Georgina Verbaan, Bob – Lenny Mark Irons, Voice – Rochard Wells, Tiger – Vincent Bal, Miss Haakmans – Tess Bryant Side Characters – Tess Bryant, Lenny Mark Irons, Chris Brooker
Line Producer: Catherine Esteves – Les films du poisson rouge, Ilja Roomans – Submarine, Kristof Lantin – Walking the Dog
Production Manager: 
Aude Benoit – Les films due poisson rouge, Anjet Blinde – Submarine
Design: Maxime Autret, Loubna Berrada, Maud Bonan, Claire Dejoie, Mathieu Delaunay, Caroline Destombes, Vahiné Laude Marx Correa, Igor David, Patrick Ermosilla, Stéphane Gallard, Benoit Laure ,Antione Vignon, Franck Renaut
Additional Design: Fons Schiedon, Maarten Janssens, Jurjen Bosklopper, Simon Buijs, Kay Coenen, Cesare Davolio, Menno Dijkstra,Sylvain Fajner, Petra Herberger, Danny van den Hoonaard, Harmen van der Horst, Mustafa Kandez, Niels Kalk, Peter Koch, Zoltan Korai, Jelle Kroeze, Mitch Leeuwe, Tom Mackinger, Lennard Schuurmans, Michael Sewnarain, Nick Sheehy, Mark Smolders, Menno Verhoef, Joel Trussell, Darrin Umboh
Translations: Glenn Burney, Judith Kingston, Valérie Latour-Burney, Nicolas Moschini, Nicolas Schwalbe, Jonathan Sly,Language link, Ad Verbum
Animation and ink & paint studio: AGOGO Entertainment LTD.
Animation Studio: Walking the Dog
Overseas Animation Supervisor: Pieter van Luffelen
Animation Director: Paul de Blieck
Compositing: Jonathan de Mulder
Online Editor: Miguel Cipriano
Hobsoft production system: Brian Turner Ottosen – Production system designer. Hans-Christian Mose Jehg – Production System Programmer
Sound Post Production: Sonicville
Laboratory: The Fridge
Finance and legal affairs: Jérémie Fajner, Cabinet Saadi: Myriam Zemirou, Banque OBC: Sophie Minet, Michèle Gallego
Thank You: Syncmagic, Lyès Meftahi, Loduvic Pelissolo, Roberta Baldi, Pierre-Edmond Fugger, Farouk Tnacheri Ouazzani, Lenny Mark Irons, Janneke van de Kerkhof, Mattias Ysebaert
In collabaration with: Hobsoft
With the participation of: CANAL + Télétoon + RTBF –OUFTIVI, Ketnet, NTR, DR
CANAL + Kids Department: Laurence Blaevoet – Sophie Boe – Géraldine Soto
RTBF Television Belgium: Responsible Youth- Departement Ouftivi – Carolie Pastor, Associate producer – Francoise Pasteel
NTR Kids Department: Ben Groenendijk – Maike Salverda
With The Participation of: Centre National du Cinéma et de L’image Animée, Within the Pole Image Magelis
With the support of : Department de la charente and région poitou-charentes, Flandres Audiovisual Fund – VAF, Screen Flanders, Enterprise Flanders, Flanders in Action
With The Development Support of: Mediafonds The Netherlands
With The Support of the taks shelter of the federal government of Belgium: ANS Benelux, VAR, Androme, MASDA
Thanks to: Anny Wuyts, Raf van Ham, Frank van Reeth, Benoit del Marmol, Jean Cheffert, Pascal Flamme
International Sales Agent: Superights