I Wanna Be Boss…

China's Smartest Kids

The pupils from the third class of Middle School #2 in Chongqing, the best school in central China, are being honed to fill important positions in the new global economy. The pupils are children of the new Chinese middle class. Often their parents have lived through hunger and their children must now succeed where they did not. This documentary follows five hyper-intelligent Chinese students through their final high-pressure year at an elite high school in Chongqing, a megalopolis in central China. Competing for limited positions at Beijing’s top universities, alongside 10,5 million other students across the country, they prepare for the end-of-year exams that will determine whether they can join the new class of managers and civil servants, who are to propel China to become the largest economy in the world.



Directed and written by: Marije Meerman
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: VPRO, Thirteen/ WNET, Lichtpunt
Length: 58 min/ 55 min/ 52 min
Release: 2008
Sales agent: NPO Sales, www.nposales.com



Student Jury Award 2010 (One World Film Festival Prague, Czech Republic)

Golden Calf for Best Short Documentary 2009 (NFF, Utrecht, The Netherlands)


Director: Marije Meerman
Producers: Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Cinematographer: Maasja Ooms
Production Sound mixer: Rik Meier
Research & interviews: Floris-Jan van Luyn
Editors: Job ter Burg, Gigi Wong
Music: Coparck
Re-recording mixer: Alex Booy
Colorist: Gerlof Kamerling
Assistant editor: Tim van der Maden, Annette Otto
Graphics: Christiaan de Rooij
Line producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof
Production assistant: Marjolein Bloemzaad
Production assistant China: Song Gang
Driver: CHINA Huo Xinquan
Translation & transcriptions: Liu Tingting, Sophie Hu
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf
Executive producer for EBC: Pamela Hogan
Commissioning editor VPRO: Doke Romeijn, Jos de Putter

A Submarine production for Thirteen/WNET New York in co-production with VPRO television and Lichtpunt

The development of this film was supported by the Media Program of the European Union
This production was made with the support of the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund, CoBO Fund and Thuiskopiefund

© 2008 Submarine


I wanna be boss