Hola Lara!

Hola Lara! is a tween sitcom that follows Lara and her friends – Monica, Akira, Gabriel and Tony – as they embark on the rocky prepubescent road. Lara, a 12-year-old pre-teen girl, is staying in a foreign country to study the language. Lara and her friends live with host families and study together at a language school with other teens, boys and girls, from all over the world.

In addition to the series being broadcasted on television, it will also contain an interactive part. Via www.holalara.nl there are quizzes, games and a blog available. Lara will also become a virtual character via her online blog and on Facebook. This will make it possible for the viewer to get to know Lara and her friends even more thoroughly, throughout the year.

www.holalara.nl (blog)
www.vpro.nl/holalara (games)


Director: Mercedes Marro
Producer: Tomavistas (Spain)
Co-producer: Submarine, Red Kite Animation
Broadcaster: VPRO
International Distributor: Telescreen, www.telescreen.nl
Language version: English / Dutch
Release: 29 September 2011
Length: 26 x 11 min

www.holalara.nl (blog)
www.vpro.nl/holalara (games)


Producer: Pierre Nothman, Ken Anderson
Co-Producer: Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Executive Producers TVI: Xavier Romero, Oriol Sala-Patau
Executive Producers BBC: Sarah Proctor, Amanda Willet, Nick Simons
Commissioning Editor: Anna van der Staak
Production VPRO: Pita de Leeuw
Design: Santiago Jiménez
Music: Iain Cook
Script advice: Erna Sassen
Voices: Hilde de Mildt Stem
Cast: Tara Hetharia, Priscilla Kneteman, Marit Sträter, Maikel Nieuwenhuis, Boyan van der Heijden, Sander vd Poel, Alma Nieto, Jasper Stokman, Jannemien Cnossen, Bas Bovenlander, Dub studio, SDI Media – Holland
Production team BBC: Shelley Bradley, Gerald Strother
Line producer Red Kite Animation: SueAnn Smith
Line producer Tomavistas:
 Elisabeth Carrera
Line producer Submarine: Janneke van de Kerkhof, Sara Kolster



Interactive website
Besides sharing their recognizable experiences, thoughts and feelings on television, Lara and her friends will also appear in a fully interactive website. In a weekly interactive crossmedia comic – both available in print and online – based on the topics of the animation series, children will dive into the topics discussed in the series in a more playful way.
Furthermore, Lara will become a virtual friend through her daily blogposts, small interactive quizzes and polls which can be shared via Facebook