An Exploration Of Unconditional Mother-Daughter Love

In 2007, director Nadine Kuipers completed her final project for the Film Academy, Moeders Mooiste, about her reunion with her drug-addicted, estranged mother. Now, in a new documentary, she explores her dilemma: should she keep fighting and caring for her mother, or should she choose her own life instead? How unconditional is a daughter’s love for her mother? Would she rather just have an “ex-mother”?

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Directed and written by: Nadine Kuipers
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: HUMAN
Release: 2010
Length: 55 minutes


Director: Nadine Kuipers
Producers: Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Editor: Annelies van Woerden
Camera: André Jäger, Ivan Barbosa, Nadine Kuipers, Eric Lor, Jorrit Garretsen Assistant
Camera: Marinka Schippers
Sound: Menno Euwe, Leon van Sprakelaar, David Spaans
Music: Vladimír Cháb
Sound editor: Alex Tugushin
Re-recording mixer: Gabor Verhoeven
Animations: Sverre Frederiksen, Leander Huizinga, Mireille de Koning
Lab & colour correction: Cineco
Assistant editor: Rizky Gerilya
Executive producer: Fabie Hulsebos
Production coordinator: Anne Buiter
Production assistant: Nikki Smit
Production HUMAN: Manja Wilkinson
Commissioning editor HUMAN: Jeroen Berkvens, Bert Janssens
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf

This production was made with the support of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund
A Submarine production in coproduction with HUMAN

© 2010 Submarine & HUMAN