This feature length documentary tells the story of the Euro crisis through portraits of European cities. Each city will be used to tell us about a different event or problem.

Europe’s economic crisis has brought misery to millions, but this film will focus on the economic absurdities that have given rise to this situation. Huge new art centers were built at the cost of billions, with the idea that great wealth would logically follow. Wealthy European states exported industrial goods to poor ones, and then lent them money so their citizens could afford to buy them. And while most European cities are descending into poverty, some are growing rich fast, as the wealthy citizens from the poor cities, invest their money in a tiny handful of rich cities.

This film will be lead by a strong, imaginatively-engaging narration in the style of an 18th century satire, or a medieval chronicle or, if you wish, in the style of Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities.

Each city story will be a kind of ‘case study’, illustrating a different dimension of the crisis, that will be explained and discussed by a mixture of colourful and insightful interviewees, both world renowned economists and people who have been playing their part in cited events.
The documentary will be filmed on HD quality in an epic and cinematic style making much use of aerial photography and stunning locations all over Europe, set against intimate ground-level portraits of individuals at the heart of this crisis.

Our aim is to achieve an innovative and more imaginatively engaging treatment of this socio-economic and political subject than would be possible through a conventional current affairs and historical narrative approach.