Dear Oprah: Non-Voting America’s Wildest Dream…

A Journey Through Apathetic America

A year before the presidential elections of 2008 a crew of young European filmmakers went on a journey across America in a little old motor home to search for the country’s 100 million-plus missing voters.More than a hundred million Americans don’t vote. Even when they elect their president and, with that, the most powerful political leader in the world. A year before the presidential elections of 2008 a crew of young European filmmakers goes on a journey all across the country in a little old motor home to search for America’s missing voters. Who are they? Why don’t they vote? Can a young and fresh presidential candidate as Barack Obama make them vote? How would American politics change if more young people, single women, poor white people, African-Americans and Latinos would start voting? And would it increase the chances for a Democratic victory in 2008? The journey from the East Coast, through the Midwest, the Old South en the New West will end at the studio of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. Because who better than the woman who made America read again, took on the fight against fattening hamburgers, has left no social issue undiscussed in her talk show and can make any product she favors into a booming success, who better than Oprah could get America’s non-voters to go to the voting booth in 2008?

While shooting the film it is announced that Oprah, for the first time in her career, will support a presidential candidate. But even if Barack Obama, despite Oprah’s support, will not win the primaries from Hillary Clinton, there still lies an important task for Oprah. In the hope of an all-American Disney-like happy end, director Kasper Verkaik knocks on the door of Oprah’s studio to ask her in a hand-written letter to become America’s ultimate motivoter.

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Directed and written by: Kasper Verkaik
Scenario: Kasper Verkaik
Producer: Submarine Channel
Co-Producer: VPRO
Release: 2008
Length: 52 min


Director:  Kasper Verkaik
Producers: Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix
Camera: Pierre Rezus
Sound: Jaap Hermans
Editor: Axel Skovdal Roelofs
Sound editing & music mix: Hein Verhoeven, Ruben de Winther
Colour correction: Filmmore
Original Music by: Jonas Pannecoucke
Research: Lieselot Vandamme, Anat Vovnoboy
Production assistant US: Jonathan Jenkins
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf
Line Producer: Willeke Steenbeeke

Part of the Minimovies series, an initiative of Submarine Channel in collaboration with VPRO Television and Vrij Nederland magazine.