Crusade In Jeans – The Game

Interactive Adventures Of A Child Crusader

Crusade in Jeans is the absorbing adventure of Rudolf Hefting, a Twentieth Century teenager stranded in a mythical Children’s Crusade of the Thirteenth Century by way of a faulty time machine experiment. Alone and disoriented, he has no choice but to join the immense children’s army – almost ten thousand strong, in their long journey across Europe.

Submarine participated in the film and television adaptation of this classic children’s book by developing two computer games: one that allows players to experience the adventure on their PC and another one that allows people to play the game on their television screens (OpenTV game engine).Submarine created a flexible game engine and editor that can easily be used to created platform games with varying visual styles, action and puzzle game play and a large number of levels and screens.


Original title: Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek
Design: Christiaan de Rooij
Concept: Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix, Peter Hofstede
Producer: Submarine
Genre: PC Game, Interactive TV Game
Release: 2006
Language versions: English


Producers: Femke Wolting en Bruno Felix
Concept and project leader: Peter Hofstede
Programmer: Simon Groenewolt
Design: Christiaan de Rooij
Gamedesign: David Zaagsma
Research and scenario: Gabrielle Provaas
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf

Flash programmer: Eljo Bosman
Design: Jaïn van Nigtevegt
Design: Mattijs de Valk
Game designer: Nikki Kuppens

Game design and design: Pieter Albers
Game design and programming: Diederik Groesbeek
Programmer: Laurens Simonis
Design: Maarten Boswijk
Design: Ronald Houtermans
Audio: Melvin Mukrab

In collaboration with: Museum Catharijneconvent

Based on the film “Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek” Een, Kees Kasander productie, Ben Sombogaart film

In collaboration with The Kasander Film Company Kees kasander, Ineke Kanters, Natascha Teunissen, Jochem van Rijs, Leander Huizinga

Visual effects supervisor: film Stefan Rijcken
Music: Ozark Henry
Drawings: Awik Balaian

This game is made possible with support of the Mondriaan Foundation