Crusade In Jeans For ITV

Crusade In Jeans For ITV

Platform Game For OpenTV

Crusade in Jeans is a game for the OpenTV platform, based on the successful adventure movie “Crusade in Jeans”. Featuring 70 screens of classic platform gameplay and high quality graphics, this game offers an exciting adventure with a level of visual flair not often seen on interactive television.

The movie “Crusade in Jeans” tells the story of teenager Dolf who, after being transported back in time to the Middle Ages, ends up in a mythical children’s crusade. In the game, lead character Dolf is on a mission to secure the release of a group of children who’ve been captured by a renegade group of villains. Dolf’s adventure takes him from a green valley at the base of the Alps to the heavily guarded fortress where the children are imprisoned. Developed around the OpenTV platform’s performance and remote control restrictions, this game offers a blend of action and puzzle gameplay. Submarine created a flexible game engine and editor that can easily be used to created platform games with varying gameplay and visual styles and a large number of levels and screens.


Producer: Submarine
Release: December 2006
Joint venture with: UPC

For more information on OpenTV game development and the Crusade in Jeans OpenTV game and game engine, please contact Submarine.


Producers Femke Wolting en Bruno Felix
Concept and project leader Peter Hofstede
Programmer Ruud Preijn