Crash Course In Crisis Management

Crisis is an innovative game show for the internet, TV and mobile phone that confronts the players with a very realistic crisis simulation. Crisis was a NPS television program where public figures roleplay a governmental crisis team that handles a disaster. For this program, Submarine developed an online realtime multiplayer game where viewers themselves become part of the crisisteam. The TV viewers are given the chance to step into the shoes of the authorities and challenge their own nerves. Goal of the game is to put an end to the crisis. And the only way to do that is by close cooperation and communication between the team members.
One particular scenario involved the immediate threat of a violent clash between Dutch and Italian football hooligans during an UEFA Cup final match. The crisis team had to deal with the flood of phone calls that started coming in, sometimes containing contradictory information. When a train carrying a toxic load had reportedly derailed, the chaos was complete. The outcome of the game is completely determined by the decissions the players have to make based on the information they receive through various media. Who to believe? How to act to keep the crisis from spiraling out of control? That’s what it’s all about in Crisis Online.


Producer: Submarine
Original title: Crisis
Co-producer: NPS
Release: 2002
Genre: Alternate Reality Game


Concept / Director: Femke Wolting
Producer: Bruno Felix
Line producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof
Design, Illustration and Animation: Madelinde Hageman, Irene Jacobs, Dan Lentelink
Software design: Daniel Ockeloen, Remy Blom, Jacco Kok
Web development: Peter van Tessel, Dennis Kobus
Spelcoordination: Rembrandt van Boswijk
Editorial staff: Martijn de Waal, Chris Bajema, Annette van Mees
Moderator: Ine Poppe
Personality test: Jiska ‘t Mannetje
Camera & editing: Eddi Bal
Production assistent: Petra Dirkmaat