The Pursuit For Disney's Utopia

Celebration is the latest version of the American Dream, a beautiful, pristine and crisp town built by the master of make believe Walt Disney. It’s a real town with real people. Is Celebration a dream come true in a world gone wrong? In November of 1995, with the lucky call of a number in a lottery, 350 people instantly became modern day pioneers. They were chosen to be the first residents of Celebration; the latest version of the American Dream, built in the swamp of central Florida by the master of make-believe Walt Disney. A real town with real people. Beautiful, pristine and crisp with pre-1940s architecture that takes you back in time to a safer, more comforting place where doors are never locked and good neighbors become good friends. Almost ten years later it is the home of 8000 residents. The film shows six couples in search of utopia. It was the Disney aspect that attracted them to Celebration. They all remember their first visit to Disney World, a magical and carefree place. Walt Disney always said that dreams could come true. Is Celebration a dream come true in a world gone wrong?

Celebration, the film, directed by Quirine Racke en Helena Muskens is a mixture between documentary, fiction and local commercials with a special guest appearance by television cook The Mad Chef, Jon Ashton.

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Directed and written by: Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: NPS
Release: 2005
Length: 55 minutes
Sales: Films Transit International, www.filmstransit.com


Directed & written by: Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens
Music: David Shea
Producer: Submarine, Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
Director of Photography: Menno Westendorp
Sound: Simone Galavazi
Editors: Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens
Editing advice: Herman P. Koerts
Line Producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof
Color grading: Billy Wychgel
Titles: Michaël Snitker
Audio post production: Studio Marco Vermaas
Online editor: AVP / Wietze Rijken
Voice over: Denise Stahlie
Commissioning editor: NPS Henk van der Meulen

© There once was a place – The Walt Disney Company / The Celebration Company
© Patternbook – The Walt Disney Company / The Celebration Company

This production was supported by the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund
A Submarine production in co-production with NPS

©2005 Racké & Muskens / NPS / Submarine