Bellicher: Cel Webgame

The Bellicher: Cel Webgame is an adventure game that ran parallel to the Bellicher Cel series that aired on TV. The central theme of this exciting game is the identity theft of the series central character named Michael Bellicher. This webgame was created to extend the TV experience and raise audience’s awareness on cybercrime and identity theft. There are six episodes in the series and six missions in the game, every week people had exactly 1 week to complete a mission, with each week’s mission based on that week’s episode. One week’s mission might be all about electronic banking fraud while another episode is about corrupt politicians and federal officers.

In the game you are part of a team and your goal is to help Michael Bellicher because he’s been accused of a crime. You’re in a hurry and are assisted by a team of four virtual friends that are willing to help you solve the case. They each have their own individual areas of expertise. It’s your job to send them to various locations, to gather information, chase suspects, hack computer systems, to meet people and more.  As a player you are restricted to the same limitations as in real life, such as distance, time and money, so you have to make sure you spend both wisely and send the right agents! By properly completing the missions you can eventually prove your innocence.

The idea is to create a unique experience both in the series as in the webgame where people get further invested in the story. The games also include videos with cast members that you see throughout the series and your four virtual friends help make the messages feel more realistic.


Producers: Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix
Concept creator & Creative director: Bruno Felix
Cast: Benja Bruijning, Tim Murck
Product Director: Ilja Goossens
Game Designer: Eva Jobse
Lead Game Developer: Eugene Rozov
Game Developers: Valery Kantor, Alexey Chirko, Marco Colombo
Website developer: Gijs Kattenberg
Graphics & Design: Christiaan de Rooij
Executive producer: Willeke Steenbeeke
Production Leader: Miek ten Brummelhuis
Production Assistent: Roos Verkade
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf
VPRO Digital Erik van Heeswijk, GertJan Kuiper

With thanks to: Eva Goossens, Michael Joustra, Coen van Oostrom, Christel Rienks, Ilja Roomans, Laurens van Walbeek, Esther Wouda, Shosho

The Bellicher Cel webapp is produced by Submarine in co-operation  with VPRO and Pupkin with support of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.