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Bellicher Cel is a game created by Dutch media company Submarine together with film production company Pupkin,Elastique and distributor Independent Films to accompany the film Bellicher Cel.The game is an extension of the suspense thriller also called Bellicher Cel based upon the popular book by Charles den Tex. Just like in the movie the central theme of this exciting game is the identity theft of the movies central character  named Michael Bellicher.

The game Bellicher Cel is unique because it offers the viewer the chance to be involved in the games story. The game is supported by the Bugbit website and facebook pages of the central characters in this movie and offers viewers the chance to participate in the story on different levels.

The game can be divided into 3 segments, The first part is a game that can be played previous to going to the movie, the second part is played during the movie and the third part is after the movie is finished.

Throughout Bellicher Cel the main character is whizzkid/hacker Vince, also a character in the movie. In the first part Vince is helping Michael to find out who stole Michael’s identity by building a “ celtracker network”. With this network Vince is trying to track and trace the villains who stole Michael Bellichers identity. But Vince alone is not able to build a network strong enough to trace the villains so he is trying to recruit as many gamers as possible to build his network. He is where the  first part of the game starts. Vince is on a quest to get as many people to build his network, throughout his hunt for the cvillains who stole Michael bellichers identity he will urge participants to build up their network.Through a series of missions prticipants can build a bigger and stronger network and gain as much information as possible to help solve Michael Bellichers identity theft.

While completing the missions, gamers need to build up their network by inviting and keeping track  of as many of their friends via facebook. .During the game they can follow their friends throughout Holland . But they need to do more to be able to finish the missions.  There are unknown cells scattered around the country and  they can befriend these unknown cells. But there is a catch ofcourse because they have to defend the network from a constant attack by the villains who are trying to infiltrate their network. So you have to be smart when you play this game. When a network gets infiltrated to much, it will get harder and harder to finish the last few missions.

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Actors: Benja Bruijning, Marc Klein Essink, Tim Murck, Anniek Pheifer, Daan Schuurmans, Huub Stapel


Producers: Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix
Concept creator & Creative director: 
Bruno Felix

Art director: Christiaan de Rooij
Concept: Sara Kolster, Sander van der Vegte
Production: Miek ten Brummelhuis, Coen van Oostrom, Willeke Steenbeeke
Jorrit de Vries
Yaniv Wolf
Script: Esther Wouda
Social media: Matthijs Bockting, Pieter van den Berg

Technical realisation Elastique: (&Logo)

Concept: Sander Oskamp, Niek Kok, Jim Haakman
on: Bart Robben
Ferdy Blaset, Joris Diederic Lock, Ken Van Hoeylandt, Wesley Hillhorst,  Niels Keetlear
Sound design:
Joost Oskamp

A collaboration with  Pupkin and Independent Films: (& Logo’s)


Producer: Sander van Meurs
Kader Akbayir

Independent Films

General Manager: Rachel van Bommel
Marketing Manager:
Julien van Alphen


“This film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund” .