Another Perfect World

In Search Of Virtual Paradise

Another Perfect World is a documentary about digital utopias, the online worlds created for people to work, play, find friendship and love. The utopias of the future will be created online, in digital worlds capable of rendering photo-realistic depictions of whatever the mind can imagine with technologies that allow people from around the world to join in. We now have the chance to build a new world from scratch. If you were going to do so, on which principles would you establish it? What is more important: freedom of expression; an active marketplace to encourage social interaction; or laws to define the limits of social relations?

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Directed by: Femke Wolting
Scenario: Femke Wolting
Producer: Submarine
Co-producers: VPRO/ Channel 4
Release: 2009
Length: 55 min/ 70 min


FOCUS Jury prize (Guangzhou IDFF, Guangzhou, China 2009)


Director: Femke Wolting and Jorien van Nes
Producer: Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting
Cinematographers: Pim Hawinkels, Jackó van ’t Hof
Production sound mixer: Benny Jansen, Huyn-Sang Kim
Research: Irene Wever
Research Korea: Min-Chul Kim
Research China: Floris-Jan van Luyn
Translations & transcriptions: Jieun Park, Elke Spiessens, Judy Kim, Wen Zhang
Editors: Jurjen Blick Rinze Schuurman
Assistant editor: Tim van der Maden
Colorist: Remco Mastwijk
Animations: Christiaan de Rooij, Mascha Halberstad, Sverre Fredriksen
Machinima Island Island & characters design: A Lucas/G Howell/R Gras
Video postproduction: Rob Das, Filmdoc
Music: Bram Meindersma
Audio postproduction: Jan Willem van den Brink
Line producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof, Fabie Hulsebos
Postproduction coordinator: Anne Buiter
Production assistant: Petra Klaver
Publicity: Yaniv Wolf
Executive producer Channel 4: Tabitha Jackson
Commissioning editor VPRO: Barbara Truyen

A Submarine production for Channel 4 in co-production with VPRO television
With the participation of NRK / SBS Television / SVT / YLE

The development of this film was supported by the Media Program of the European Union
This production was made with the support of the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund

© 2009 Submarine


Another Perfect World