American Prince

The Continuing Story Of Steven Prince

In 1978, director Martin Scorsese turned the camera on his friend and roommate, Steven Prince whose life was more fascinating than what any screenwriter could dream up. The compelling documentary that emerged, ‘American Boy’ was to become Scorsese’s ‘lost’ film. Having never been properly released, it gained cult status among cinefiles over the years through bootleg copies and influenced a whole generation of filmmakers. Quentin Tarantino took one of Prince’s stories about injecting adrenaline into the heart of a woman who overdosed and turned it into one of the most memorable scenes in film history. Prince’s influence on American cinema not only reaches much further than his small role as the gun salesman in Taxi Driver, he has clearly left an indelible mark. Three decades after Scorsese’s documentary was released, Tommy Pallotta brings us American Prince, where he draws out Steven Prince once more to recount his days since American Boy, share why he turned his back on the entertainment industry and to compose the next chapter of his story.


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Tommy Pallotta received a degree in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. While at UT he met Richard Linklater and that began their long friendship and collaborations starting with his film career as an actor and production assistant on Linklater’s directorial debut, Slacker. Pallotta went on to direct his first feature The High Road and music videos for the band Zero 7. He has also produced several short films including Snack and Drink, which resides as part of a permanent collection in the New York Museum of Modern Art. He then continued his extensive animation experience with two more collaborations with Linklater by producing Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick.


Starring: Steven Prince
Director & producer: Tommy Pallotta
Executive producer: Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Interviewed by: David Cash, Richard Linklater, Tommy Pallotta
Co-producer and editor: Josh Cramer
Written by: David Cash
Original music: Dominic Matar
Cinematography: Sara Mora Ivicevich |
Camera: Marco Bercasio, Todd Vanhaze
Steven’s guests: Steven Braverman, Laine Grainger, Elizabeth Low, Natalia MacGamwell