Documentary WINNIE wins Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival

2 February 2017 • 

Director Pascale Lamche has won the Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary for WINNIE at Sundance Film Festival.

Pascale Lamche is an award-winning filmmaker who has made feature documentaries and series both as a writer/producer and writer/director for key broadcasters internationally. Her films have premiered at many international film festivals and include Stalingrad (2015), Black Diamond (2010), Pakistan Zindabad (2007), French Beauty (2005), Accused #1: Nelson Mandela (2004), and Sophiatown (2003).

Winnie tells the life and struggles of Winnie Mandela. While her husband was kept 27 years in jail, paradoxically safe and morally uncontaminated, Winnie rode the tumultuous violence of a life of struggle. Her repeated demonization has been amplified abroad to such a degree that the respect she elicits among those who still struggle in South Africa, is intriguing. The film constructs the compelling narrative of Winnie’s radical life for the first time, sifting the accusations and the disavowals that condemned her, in the context of the times.