3LAB week on NPO3 with new Teenage Diary episodes

19 August 2016 • 


Next week (August 22-26) it’s 3LAB TV week on NPO3! Every evening from 8.30 pm until 12.30 am, they will be screening new programs by upcoming talent. The programs are being presented from the Green Room in Vondel CS (Amsterdam) by presenter Jan Versteegh.

During this week, 3 new episodes of our animation series Teenage Diary are premiering! In these new episodes the diaries of actress Markoesa Hamer, writer Caroline van Keeken and scientist Lisette Smeets are brought to life through funny animations.

Just like with the previous two episodes (Willem Bosch and Alma Mathijsen), animator Samantha Williams is the creative genius behind this production. However, this time she also got help from animators Annelies Hofman, Rianne Stremmelaar, Natali Voorthuis and Celine Heijnen.

The first new episode (Markoesa Hamer) will screen on Monday at 11.20 pm. Samantha, Markoesa and Caroline will also be present in the Green Room, so keep an eye out for them.


In other good news: the first two episodes of Teenage Diary are selected for the Netherlands Film Festival! So you can see these at the end of September in Utrecht as well.